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Our range of available products:


>> Abrasives >> Bolts >> Chains & Accessories
Abrasive Discs Anchor Bolts Commercial Chain
Cut Off Wheels Swage-lock with collar Bolts Split Link
Grinding Wheels Structural Bolts Oblong Link
Emery Cloths Plow Bolts Load Binder
Linishing Belts J Bolts Hammer Lock
Flap-disc Wheels Holding Down Bolts Eye Nut
Wire Wheels High Tensile Bolts Eye Bolt
Wire Brushes Foundation Bolts Dee Shackle
Mounted Points Cuphead Bolts Chain Swivel
  Crusher Bolts Slip Hook
  Bright Steel Bolts Shortening Hook
  Breaker Bolts Safety Hook
  Brass Bolts Grab Hook
  Barrel or Pad Bolt Clevis Hook
  U Bolts Claw Hook
    Transport Chain
    Lifting Chain
>> Drills, Taps & Dies >> Miscellaneous >> Nails
Arbour Drills Air Treatment Systems Bright Nails
Jobber Drills Water Treatment System Roofing Nails
Letter Drills Toilet Cleaners Pallet Nails
Long Series drills Lubricants Masonry Nails
Masonry Drills   Flat Head Nails
Number Drills   Fencing Staples
Panel Drills   Deck Spike Nails
Post Hole Drills   Clout Head Nails
Reduced Shank Drills   Bullet Head Nails
Drill Grinding Attachments   Nail Punch
Drill Bits    
Brick Drills    
Centre Drills    
Corbolt Drills    
Cordless Drills    
Demolition Hammer AEG    
Double ended drill    
Taper Shank Drills    
>> Nuts >> Rods >> Safety
Wing Nuts Mild Steel Gloves
Weld Nuts High Tensile Glasses
Tee Nuts B7 Threaded Rod Goggles
Root Nuts Stainless Steel Round Bar Hats
Nyloc Nuts Threaded Rod Helmets
Nylon Nuts All Thread Masks
Lock or Jam Nuts Brooker Rods Spectacles
High Tensile Nuts    
Hexagon Nuts    
Eye Nuts    
Brass Nuts    
Acorn or Dome Nuts    
>> Tools >> Washers >> Welding
Air Tools Bellville/Schnore Electrodes
Flaring Tools Black Steel Fluxes
Hand Tools Brass Mig Wire
Helicoil Tools Bright Steel Rods
Pneumatic Tools Copper Tips
Power Tools Fibre Helmets
Riveting Tools Flat Round Goggles
  Galvanised Chipping Hammer
>> Wheels    
Wire Wheels    
Trolley Wheels    
Sanding Wheels    
Pneumatic Wheels    
Polishing Wheels    
Grinding Wheels    
Cut Off Wheels